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Ace Underwriting Group, Florida's insurance source, is of the people, by the people, and for the people of the great state of Florida. We are your local resource for all your Florida insurance needs. Our team is put together by region, and when you are trying to call in to get more information we always get you connected with one of our regional offices. Our staff members are connected with your region of the state. We just use your zip code, and then provide a phone number with an area code that should look familiar! We’re locals working for locals. That's a major reason why you'll get personalized care and treatment that outmatches anywhere else for Florida insurance.

What types of insurance do we offer to our clients? The answer is: all kinds! We provide personal insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and insurance for your business. There are also a few miscellaneous types of insurance coverage that we offer quotes for as well, and all it takes is a phone call or a click. We prefer the joy of getting to know you over the phone and helping direct you towards the coverage plans that are most suited to you, but you are also more than welcome to browse our offers online at your convenience. More than anything, we're glad to welcome you into our Florida insurance community!



Ralph Francis

President, CEO

Alice Francis

Vice President, COO

Kim Jorden

General Manager

Jorden Rogers

Account Executive

Rachel Francis

Customer Service Representative

Kelli Grimstead

Account Executive

Veronica Hadley

Customer Service Representative

Jane Cook

Account Executive

Nola Muhammad

Customer Service Representative

Dave Liebman

Account Executive

Lizeth Parsons

Account Executive

Lucy Fernandez

Customer Service Representative

December 28, 2016