Ace Underwriting Group
COVID-19 Response Statement:
Updated: 03/04/2021

If you are sick, have a fever or flu-like symptoms or have been exposed to anyone testing positive to the COVID-19 Virus within the past 14 days, please DO NOT visit our offices.  Instead, please call our office for assistance with your insurance needs.  Please help protect our employees so they, in turn, can protect you.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

During the COVID-19 emergency, all offices of the Ace Underwriting Group are open and operating normal hours weekdays from 9am-6pm ET, and on Saturdays our offices are open from 9am-1pm ET.  While our offices are open, we kindly request that clients contact our office by telephone to make payments via credit/debit card or through ACH transfer from their bank accounts.  We have closed off access to employee work areas in all of our offices for the protection of our employees, and have designated areas for customer contact that are cleaned and sanitized between customers using CDC cleaning guidelines.  Access to our offices requires the wearing of Face Masks at all times.  Our staff, while at their own desks may choose not to wear a face mask at their discretion, will always wear a face mask when they have contact with you while in the customer contact area.  All payment types, including Cash are handled by our offices without interruption.

Most customer service functions can be handled via telephone, e-mail, or SMS Message at this time.
Please call by telephone if you require in person service to verify if an office visit is actually required.
We have invested in multiple remote transaction platforms to provide outstanding service without need of an office visit.

Nearly all purchase and service functions can be achieved via the use of remote methods, limiting your need to visit in person.  Please let us continue to service your account via telephone, SMS (text) Message or E-Mail.  If we have not conducted business with you via SMS (text) message in the past, please contact our office via telephone to set up this convenient contact method.  We must register your cell phone number in our system before SMS message capability is established.  Restricting your in-person visits at this time assures we can staff our offices in a safe and clean environment for the safety of our employees.  For more information, please call the number listed below or (800)368-4227 toll free.  If you are using cash to make your payments, we kindly ask that you shift your payment method to prepaid credit/debit card, so that you can avoid making in-person visits at this time.  Such cards are readily available at Walmart, Target, Publix and other retail & drugstore locations.  If you choose to visit in person, please be aware that you may experience delays as we are assisting other clients by telephone in larger numbers at this time.  It is our desire to assist you quickly and professionally, but may not actually sit with you during the visit other than to present documents for your signature, or to accept your payment.  Other customer service functions may be processed in our employee work area, which at this time you are unable to access.  Your safety and protection, and that of our employees is our primary concern at this time regarding in-person visits to our facilities.  We remain open to further assist you.

With your assistance, we can remain open to serve all our clients and protect our employees so they are available to assist you every day!

We thank you in advance for your cooperation!

Ralph Francis, President and CEO
Ace Underwriting Group

March 19, 2020