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For Hurricane Season 2020

Hurricane season 2020 is here and we've got a handle on all the storms and the information you need to stay safe and prepared in the event a storm threatens Florida.  From the Panhandle to the West Coast, through the Keys and up the East Coast and all points inland, we cover the entire State of Florida and keep this page up to date to bring you the latest on storms all throughout the Hurricane Season.

Current Storm Threat Status:

Green Flag - No storms are a threat to Florida at this time.



During storm season, a tropical cyclone can approach Florida with little to no warning.   Even without a storm on the way, Home insurance including Flood coverage may need a mandatory waiting period before the coverage takes effect.  Waiting until a storm is named or headed our way may affect the ability to buy insurance which becomes limited once a storm approaches Florida.  DO NOT DELAY.  If you need coverage on your Home, Business, Boat or Auto, contact our offices NOW at (800)368-4227 for a fast free quote.

Our storm threat warning system has four flag levels:
Green Flag - No storms are a threat to Florida at this time.
Yellow Flag - Storms being tracked may be a threat to Florida soon.
Tropical Storm Flag - A Tropical Storm has been named and may be a threat to Florida.
Hurricane Flags - A Hurricane has been named and may be a threat to Florida.

You can get up to the minute storm tracking information from the National Hurricane Center by clicking here:  National Hurricane Center

Hurricane Preparedness:  Are you ready for the approach of a storm this season?

Being prepared for a Hurricane or Tropical Storm first starts with knowing your county's Evacuation Zones, your building type and a plan to move inland or leave the area.  Folks in Mobile Homes, coastal homes, or other structures in the Evacuation Zone should have these plans already worked out and remain ready to leave if and when an evacuation is ordered.  There is NO reason to try and ride out a storm when you are ordered to evacuate.  When the evacuation order comes, and you live in that zone, secure your premises and leave immediately as directed to preserve life.  Let your insurance company worry about any loss to your property.  Get to a safe location out of harm's way.  Act now to make your evacuation plan and remember that your pets must have a plan as well.  DO NOT leave your pets behind to ride out the storm.  Plan ahead for their well being remembering they may not be able to use an evacuation shelter, if that is YOUR plan.

Next, prepare your home for the storm by removing potential debris from outside your home.  Planters, yard equipment, swimming pool toys, garbage cans, grills, patio tables, outdoor furniture and other potential flying objects should be brought inside your home or garage and secured.  In a storm, anything that could fly, will fly and these objects can cause serious damage or injury if not secured properly.  For tips on how and what to secure, check out the LINKS section that follows below.

Last, be sure you have enough food, water and supplies for a three day period or longer, following the conclusion of the storm's impact, in which you must assume no goods or services will be available in your area.  A direct hit from a Hurricane or Tropical Storm can bring infrastructure and basic services to a standstill and you may not be able to venture out to get supplies after the storm rages through, for days to come.  Expect the worst, then you will have what you need to survive after the storm passes.  Be sure to include the needs of your pets as well.  They will need water and food, just like you do.  More valuable information is available in the LINKS section below.

Important Links to Hurricane Information...

We have assembled some great links to more information on Hurricane preparedness and for information regarding approaching storms and after the storm passes.  Be ready for the next storm, review this information now and get your family ready for what may come our way this Hurricane season.  Bookmark this page and be ready to access this information before, during and after the storm.  While your access to the internet may be disrupted at home, the cell networks should be able to keep you connected.  We have taken steps to assure this information will be available online, even if our offices are taken out of action due to the storm.  Our site is based in Florida, but hosted far away to assure we are not affected by any storms that occur.  This information is provided as a service of the Ace Underwriting Group, however we are not responsible for the content, accuracy or information provided by the linked site owners.  When you click any link below, a new window will open and the requested site will be displayed in your browser.  We hope you enjoy the information we have provided for you.

National Hurricane Center - Information on tracking and location of storms.  Operated by NOAA and based in Miami, Florida the National Hurricane Center is the official source for tracking tropical cyclones anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.

FL Department of Emergency Management - Florida's official source for planning and recovery from Hurricanes and all other types of disasters.  Information directly from Tallahassee about being prepared, and the aftermath of any mass disaster in Florida.

US Department of Homeland Security - Information on Hurricanes from the Department of Homeland Security includes instructions for planning, evacuation and more.  Resources from the Federal Government are available from this site.

US DHS Emergency Kit - What you need in the event of an emergency planned out in advance.  Great resource for preparation for yourself, your family, your home or your business to be ready for a storm, or any emergency.  Build your emergency kit today!

FEMA National Flood Insurance Program - Important & timely information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency about flooding and Flood Insurance.  Remember, your Home Insurance policy does NOT cover Flood loss.  Every home in Florida needs protection from flood.  Click here to see why and how easy it is for you to purchase Flood protection from the Ace Underwriting Group.

Florida Fact File - Great resource from the Insurance Information Institute about Florida insurance, the biggest storms to ever hit Florida and their financial impact both at the time of the storm, and in today's dollars.  Also, information on the biggest insurance carriers in the State of Florida by premium volume and insurance type.

Your Electric Utility - Direct links to your Electric Utility service are provided for the largest investor utilities in Florida.  Don't see your electric provider?  Check your monthly bill for emergency contact information either by website or telephone.

Duke Energy
Florida Power & Light
Florida Public Utilities Company
Gulf Power
Tampa Electric Company (TECO)


June 2, 2019