Why speak live on the phone?

Is it better to speak with you on the phone, or buy online?


We want you to get the best possible price on your insurance, but we also respect your time and value your opinion.  So, we have made it possible for you to buy Auto Insurance, directly from some of our insurance carriers with the link in Yellow at the top of the page.  Online and immediately with no agent interaction or need to speak with us at all.  You can click the "Buy Auto Insurance Now" link and be on your way, with coverage and a policy in just minutes, using your credit card or checking account.  But for lines of coverage other than Personal Auto, or to get the best possible Auto Insurance quote and to identify the policy that's right for you, we prefer to speak with you directly.  Here's why:

We have 3 very good reasons for wanting to speak with you!

Reason #1 - You are a smart, educated consumer but you're not an insurance agent...

Unlike booking a hotel room, or reserving a seat on an airplane, buying insurance is a highly technical matter with hundreds of potential options that can affect your rate and coverage.  Buying insurance requires both product knowledge to know what carriers supply the best rates and coverage for each specific situation, as well as a complete understanding of the insurance code & policy language to get the best coverage that you require to be covered properly.  As insurance professionals, we have been trained in these key elements of the insurance buying process and can make sure that you are buying what you need, know why you need it and what it costs.  When you purchase online, without the benefit of an agent, you are offered packages of coverage that are chosen to insure the "average" insurance needs of people in Florida, and not customized plans that fit just you.  We customize your coverage just to your specific insurance needs by speaking with you.

Reason #2 - We know all the rules of the game, not just some of them...

When you tune into your favorite Football, or Baseball game, you probably know the dynamics of the game because you've played it before and have an understanding of the rules and procedures.  But, unlike sports, when you get something wrong in the insurance game it could be a costly mistake.  For instance, were you aware that in Auto Insurance, if you fail to report every driver in your household to the insurance company, they could deny your later claims?  Were you aware that Bodily Injury coverage is required for nearly all vehicles by Florida Law?  Did you know that Uninsured Motorist coverage does NOT cover damage to your vehicle caused by an uninsured driver?  What do you need to protect yourself in that scenario?  No matter what your particular insurance situation is, or what questions you may have, our professionals are ready to cover you properly, and provide the answers that websites alone just can't do for you.

Reason #3 - We make sure you get everything you deserve...

You buy an ice cream sundae, but denied the cherry on top?  While we uncover all the reasons you require coverage, and prepare the quotes for the coverage to meet all your needs, we also uncover more discounts that may apply to you.  Discounts the "direct to you", online quote programs don't always offer.  There are a myriad of discount programs available through the carriers we represent and not all discounts are offered by all carriers.  Our professionals work to uncover all the discounts you are entitled to, which can not only get you lower rates, but superior coverage at similar prices to our competitor's cut rate policies.  Finding all the ways to save you money, while providing the best possible coverage to meet your needs is our goal.  We want to speak with you to assure you're getting everything you deserve from the policy you purchase.  What could be sweeter than that cherry on top, with a discount!

So, the choice is yours...

Click the yellow link above and go it alone, call us at the number above for immediate service, or fill out the quote request form on our home page and request one of our professionals return a call to you fast.  We're open from 9-6 (ET) Monday through Friday and from 9-1 (ET) on Saturday.  If your request is received during business hours, expect your phone to ring within minutes. Rest assured that only our in-house insurance professionals will call.  We don't aggregate quote requests, or sell leads to our competitors.  After hours requests are handled on the next business day.  Whether you choose online or over the phone purchasing, you'll always get the best in customer service from our team of friendly insurance professionals.  Buy your coverage from the Ace Underwriting Group today, your way!  Thanks, for your business!

September 24, 2019